What causes acne scarring:

Acne is an inflammatory process. Inflammation causes the process of wound healing to be activated. If the inflammation is extensive and deep extending into the deep dermis and continues untreated, scarring results. The different types of acne scars are as a result of the extent, depth and degree of inflammation that is followed by repair. On the face, most commonly seen acne scars are indentation or depressed or atrophic scars. These present as boxcar, ice-pick, rolling or a combination of these. Boxcar scars pull down in the centre. Ice-pick scars are very narrow and deep. Rolling scars are like broad, low hills.

30% of people with acne will experience some degree of acne scarring. The more severe the acne and the longer it is active, the worse the acne scarring can be. The sooner active acne is treated, the lesser the risk of scar tissue formation.

Here at MKSkin clinic, we offer treatments for acne and acne scars. Treatment varies depending on the type of acne scar. It ranges from skin peels (superficial to deep skin peels), Chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS technique) and micro-needling.

We also offer treatment for macular acne scars, brownish discolouration left behind by the acne.

Treatments offered: