Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin due to the clogged hair follicles. Dead skin cells and oil collect in the skin pore opening, producing a bump called a comedone. If the skin on the bump stays closed, it is called a white head or a closed comedone. If the skin opens, exposure of the material inside the skin pore to air makes it look black, resulting in the formation of a blackhead or open comedone. Blackheads usually appear on the face but can also appear on the other parts of the body.

Treatment for blackheads:

Correct treatment of blackheads is imperative to avoid scarring and infection. Here at MKSkin clinic, Milton Keynes, we offer treatment for blackheads. Treatment depends on the extent and the depth of the blackheads.

At MKSkin clinic, we offer blackhead extraction to remove the blackheads. This is a painless procedure carried out under asceptic conditions.

For some people with deep seated blackheads, a combination treatment may be needed, which involves a few sessions of skin peels to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and loosen the blackheads followed by a treatment session for the extraction of the blackheads.