As we age, the skin becomes less resilient and more vulnerable to gravity and slowly begins to sag. Gravity pulls on our lower face, leading to sagging jowls and hanging skin on the neck and lower face. Sun exposure, lifestyle and genetics also play a role.

Ageing changes in the lower face and neck can begin to occur from as early as the mid 30’s. Subtle changes appear with the development of early jowling (heavy or floppy lower cheeks at the side of the chin), or the appearance of early banding at the front of the neck (platysmal bands). By 40’s, these changes are very common and can progress to the point where the lower face/upper neck can appear heavy and the neck can become increasingly bandy and saggy. If left untreated this can progress to a “turkey neck”.

The neck and jawline are often neglected in favour of facial work. However, if the neck or jawline are saggy and loose. This can ‘give away’ the fact that treatment has been done elsewhere.

A Nefertiti Lift is one of the most popular treatments offered at MKSkin Clinic, Milton Keynes. It is a simple and effective way to lift the sagging jowls and soften the vertical (platysmal) neck bands to create a more youthful refreshed appearance, improving the jawline, smoothing out the neck and lessening the prominence of neck lines.

Treatment offered:


Here at MKSkin Clinic, Milton Keynes, we offer Nefertiti neck lift , also known as Botox neck lift, to help improve the sagging jowls and neck. For details of this treatment, please refer to our treatments page, Nefertiti neck lift.