• At MKSkin clinic, Milton Keynes, we offer consultation before the treatment. During the consultation, we examine the skin tags and thread veins and discuss the treatment.
  • We offer treatment for facial thread veins and skin tags, here at MKSkin clinic. The treatment involves a safe, and effective procedure, called short wave diathermy (also called electro-cautery or electro-coagulation).
  • At MKSkin clinic, Milton Keynes, we also offer treatment for Benign skin lesions including milia, SK, DPN etc.
  • In most cases thread veins disappear just after one session but in some cases two sessions are needed.
  • Skin tags are effectively removed in one session.
  • Here at MKSkin clinic in Milton Keynes, we also offer a follow up appointment in 6-8 weeks time after the procedure.

Short wave diathermy can be used to treat the following:
Facial thread veins
– these are tiny red or bluish veins that appear just below the skin surface. These usually appear on the nose and face.
Blood spots – slightly raised, bright red blemishes just under the skin’s surface; usually on the torso.
Skin tags – these often appear on the face and neck and vary in size from smaller than a grain of rice to a pea or larger.
Milia – the tiny, hard white lumps just under the skin, often around the eyes.
Warts – there are various types, all of which can be easily and successfully treated.
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra – a common adolescent disorder on dark skin; identified by smooth, dome-shaped papules on the cheeks, neck and upper chest.

More info

  • Here at MKSkin Clinic, Milton Keynes, before the treatment, local anaesthetic in the form of a numbing cream or a local anaesthetic injection is given, depending on the treatment area. The area to be treated is thoroughly cleaned. Then we use a fine, hair-like needle to conduct a small electric current which is used for the treatment. After treatment the skin will be slightly pinkish from the heat, this will settle in a few hours.
  • Metal implants.
  • Circulatory compromise or deficit including ischaemic tissue, thrombosis and associated conditions.
  • Advanced cardiovascular conditions.
  • Pacemakers.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Recent or current haemorrhage.
  • Malignancy.
  • Do not rub the treated area(s) for 24 hours post-treatment.
  • Normal skincare routines can be performed without excess pressure.
  • Avoid sunbeds and direct exposure to sunlight for 48 hours.
  • No heat treatments like hot baths or saunas etc for 48 hrs.