Chin dimpling also known as cobblestone chin, or golf ball chin or pebbled chin or orange peel chin. Some of us get lumpy or bumpy, uneven appearance on the skin of our chin. Chin dimpling can be observed from a young age but does not tend to bother us until we are older. These dimples on the chin are accentuated while frowning, smiling, talking or eating. These changes become more and more pronounced over time.

If you have a dimply orange peel texture on your chin, you might feel self-conscious.

Chin dimpling treatment:

Chin dimpling is usually caused by an overactive chin muscle (mentalis). Patients with chin dimpling can experience great improvement in the appearance of the chin with Botox injections. Botox is a neuromodulator that reduces the receipt of nerve impulses to the muscle, resulting in muscle relaxation and the dimples to become less apparent.

Through careful placement of few injections, the mentalis muscle can be relaxed to smooth out the dimpled area and these textural irregularities while preserving the natural movements in this area.

Are you looking for chin dimpling treatment?

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