What our clients think about us

I have had a few treatments in MKSkin clinic including Botox, Chemical peels and Ellanse. Clinic is hygienic, comfortable and affordable. They are professional, most of all caring and welcoming. The doctors talk you through each procedure, care enough to follow up after the treatments with aftercare. Patients welfare is their concern. They are gentle and understanding with personal and health issues. There priority is to make you look and feel better about yourself.

Suzanne H

I have had botox treatment in MKSkin clinic. I am very happy with the results of the treatment. Lines gone, can’t stop looking at my forehead. I will certainly have more treatments. I would highly recommend MKSkin clinic.


I have had a fantastic experience, the doctor spent time discussing the best treatment options for my skin. We agreed a skin peel, would be a good option for me. I have some acne and acne scarring. I opted for 3 sessions of skin peels. I have had brilliant results and I found the informative nature and great customer service really put my mind at ease.

Hannah M

I had lip filler done for the first time for thin lips. I had a consultation with the doctor, which was thorough. I am pleased with the results of the treatment. My lips look amazing and natural. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!



I first came to MK Skin Clinic 3 months ago with an acne breakout. As a student nurse working long hours coupled with extremely early mornings, the added addition of a full make-up routine every day to cover the acne was quickly becoming a burden. Having originally booked a microdermabrasion appointment (not understanding fully what treatment I needed) I was quickly informed that the most appropriate treatment would be a course of chemical peels to control the acne followed by a course of micro-needling sessions to counteract the scaring.

I have very oily skin and the chemical peels made a huge difference to the daily oil build-up in my T-zone. I was finding that by mid-day where I’d usually have to dab the moisture from my forehead there was no need anymore. My acne after the third 3 peel was substantially reduced.

The success of the chemical peels made me excited for the differences the micro-needling would bring to my skin. I was NOT disappointed. After the first session, my cheeks where the scaring was minimal was hugely reduced and by the third virtually non-existent. My forehead with no scaring was bouncy and vibrant. The redness caused by the scaring has disappeared and I’m now happy to leave the house make-up free (which I’d never have considered before).

The prices for treatments are a testament to the professionalism and skill set shown by both staff members. The experience is incredibly personal and I find myself looking for excuses to book every treatment they offer. I’m never left in the waiting room for long before being called in and they are very flexible with my appointments. I CANNOT recommend MK Skin Clinic enough and am frequently encouraging friends and family to book appointments.

Sophie C

Doctor spent sometime explaining the different treatment’s available and advised me, what would work best for me. I followed doctors advice and have been absolutely delighted with the results. I look younger and my skin looks fresher than it has been for years! People I had never met before have commented on how well I look and friends want to know my secret!

I would definitely recommend MKSkin clinic for their professionalism and knowledge of their treatments and products.


My experience with Mkskin team started 3 years ago, after trying many face acne treatments, nothing of what I was doing came with good results.
After having a discussion with the doctor at Mkskin clinic, we decided that the best treatment for me will be chemical peels. I could already see the result, just after one treatment.
The doctor recommended that I should use Obagi acne treatment for my daily use to keep my acne in control. I found this to be excellent advice as this did exactly what he said.
This year I returned for pigmentation treatment and I am very pleased.
I found Mkskin team very friendly and professional.They always make you very welcome.
I highly recommend anyone with facial problems to get in touch with them.
Thank you! Mkskin team.


Gina Bratosin