Bunny lines or nose wrinkles are fine lines or wrinkles that appear at the bridge and the sides of the nose. These are the lines that are visible, when you scrunch your nose up during the facial expressions like smiling. These lines appear at the top of the nose, fanning out on the sides of the nose, hence the name bunny lines.

Facial expressions are an important part of expressing ourselves. They can convey a wide range of emotions.  But the problem is that over time if you pull the same facial expressions too often, you will start to see wrinkles develop. Majority of fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the constant use of certain muscles. In the case of Bunny lines, these lines or wrinkles are caused by the constant contracting of your nasalis muscle. Over time, bunny lines become more noticeable resulting in a tired look.

Are you looking for the treatment of Bunny lines or nose wrinkles?

Bunny lines or nose wrinkles can be treated with the controlled tiny injection of a neuromodulator (Botox) into the nasalis muscle. This reduces the overactivity of this muscle and softens these unwanted expression lines, resulting in a refreshing natural look.

Here at MKSkin Clinic, Milton Keynes, we offer treatment for the patients, who wish to reduce bunny lines or wrinkles on the nose. Treatment involves a few injections of neuromodulator (Botox) into the nasalis muscle. At MKSkin Clinic in Milton Keynes, all our treatments are carried out by qualified and experienced doctors. Patient safety and effective treatments remain our top priorities.